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To the left are the buttons that will lead you to the One Ash dogs available at stud.

Barnaby is Ch. One Ash Barnaby Square.

Braecon is Can. Ch. One Ash Braecon's Beacon CGC, TDI.

Justin is Can. Ch. Camrose Just Jorgio.

Trouper is Can. Ch. Karamor Limelite Of One Ash.

Sceptre is Camrose Sceptre.

Sixpak is OTCH. One Ash Stardust On Tap UDX, NAJ, OA.

Reddy is A/C Ch. One Ash Redhed No. Sevn-T-Six.

On each page is a photo, clearances, and a three generation pedigree of each dog.

The gang page is composed of photos of some of the other One Ash dogs and puppies.

Golden Litters Planned For 2001

Barley,Celestial Fields Of Gold, CDX, TDX, SH, DAJ, WCX. X Wings, One Ash Snow Goose

Barnaby, Ch. One Ash Barnaby Square X Feta, One Ash Spun Silk Taffeta

Braecon, Can. Ch. One Ash Braecon's Beacon X Tearlach, One Ash Tearlach

Dilly, One Ash Daffy-Down-Dilly X ?

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